Site Rules: Read This Before Doing Anything

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Site Rules: Read This Before Doing Anything

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 28, 2011 7:17 pm

These are the Basic site rules failure to follow them will result in you being banned and your posts deleted.

-Create your personal Gallery int the "Gallery" tab above.
-Get involved in threads.
-Share your creations in the proper category.
-Share your opinion.
-Let us know when you've been offended or harassed by another member.
-Have fun, boredom isn't cool dude.
-Join and create groups.
-Anything else cool.

-Spam. you guys are really annoying so just don't do it.
-Troll. you guys are even more annoying.
-Harass other members.
-Share private information you wouldn't tell other people, your SS# for one thing.
-Openly share your age and information if you're not 18.
-Use a curse word.
-Anything that isn't family friendly, if a five year-old can't view it don't post it.

Doing any of the "DON'T"s will get you banned.
Not doing any of the "DO"s will get you a friendly warning from a mod or admin, party fouls aren't cool man.

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